About us

Class Clix, LLC was created as a response to the frustrations one mom experienced with buying her children’s school pictures.  As a professional photographer, she was creating award-winning artwork for her clients and knew there was improvement to be made in the school picture process.

Making Picture Day Successful

The first thing to go was the traditional green screen.  Traditional green screen programs use the same boring pose, only moved onto different backgrounds, offering an illusion of choice.  Our process is completely different.  We offer a variety of unique poses on a simple, non-distracting background.  We use high-quality lighting and professional photographers for outstanding results.

Our proofing and ordering process is easy!  Accessible either online or via a physical order form, and our packages are reasonable and completely customizable.  Don’t want all those wallets?  You don’t have to order them!

We’ve tried our best to create the best experience possible! We hope you will try us out for your next school picture day.